Beautiful clothing from the best brands and refined quality. You will not find it anywhere like at PAULPIM. A combination of top tier clothing and service will make your visit to PAULPIM a memorable experience. PAULPIM does not care about fashion, instead we care about style. Your own and unique style, by which you distinguish yourself in a positive way and become the best version of yourself.


How do we achieve this? To answer that question, we should look at the basics first: an eye for beauty and extensive knowledge about our products. Paul and Pim, the owners of PAULPIM, and their team have exactly that. They recognize quality and special fabrics like no other. Therefore, PAULPIM’s collection consists only of beautiful garments that excel in simplicity, because pure beauty does not need finery.


A beautiful and special piece of clothing is the starting point, but in the end it’s the perfect match with the one wearing it that really counts. According to the PAULPIM-philosophy, an outfit is only really successful when it makes you the most beautiful version of yourself. Thanks to our extensive experience, knowledge of styling and honest advice, we have helped many customers rediscover their own beauty. These are wonderful moments that we really enjoy.


Because if you leave our store with a feeling of happiness, we have accomplished our mission.


We have said it before: PAULPIM is not affected by the street scene or what is fashionable. We dare to make our own decisions and because of that have something others don’t. This strategy demands courage and listening to intuition when it comes to purchasing, at which we let ourselves get inspired by what is happening in the global fashion cities like Paris and Milan. We don’t ask ourselves if something will sell well but let the degree of exclusivity be the determinative factor. In addition, if we don’t like something, it will definitely not be sold by us! In this way we completely create our own PAULPIM clothing culture, perfect for people that, just like us, know what they want and like to distinguish themselves.


When visiting PAULPIM you’re not just coming for beautiful clothing, but also for a special experience. Here, everything revolves around offering you the best experience possible while also taking all your wishes into account. Whether you’re a regular customer or visiting for the first time, you will immediately feel at home because of our personal attention without a time limit, a drink and our parking service. We value our customers and love to take good care of them. As a matter of fact, we consider it to be no more than normal and by doing what feels good to us, we offer top tier service like no other in The Netherlands.